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  • Happy times will come soon

Happy times will come soon

Happy time will come soon
a film project by Alessandro Comodin
written by Alessandro Comodin and Milena Magnani

During wartime, Arturo and Tommaso escape from prison running as fast as they can. The forest that houses them gradually loses its connotation as a hiding place, and takes on that of a space of freedom, in which their desire for life is able to express itself. However, the pair end up succumbing to their destiny as soldiers, and Arturo is shot dead while Tommaso attempts to escape before being struck by bullets several times. The only witnesses to their story are the trees, a pond, and a stray dog.
Years later, Jeanne, a young woman with cancer, discovers a hole in the ground next to the woods. Despite the threatening atmosphere caused by a predator on the loose in the area, which is killing livestock, she finds a way of reacting to the chemotherapy, by going deeper into the forest alone in order to explore her discovery further. This is how she meets Tommaso, and encounters a whole new side to the woods. The two of them together experience a simple, untamed way of living. They explore the underground world discovered by Jeanne, and regain an authentic side to life, a sense of freedom detached from all of the artifice of society.
However, for Jeanne these are the last hours of her life. Tommaso finds her dead after an afternoon spent together on the shore of a pond. He manages to adorn her body so as to honour her in the sacred environment of the woods, before a helicopter spots him from above.
Tommaso and Arturo are in prison. Tommaso is called to the visiting room, where Jeanne is there to see him. The two promise to spend their future together. It is this promise which gives Tommaso the vital force to climb over the prison wall.
The escape is about to begin.

a co-production Okta Film (Italy) and Shellac Sud (France)