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  • The Summer School
  • The Summer School
  • The Summer School
  • The Summer School

The Summer School

The Summer School
a film by Jacopo Quadri

DCP  I  Colour  I 87’
o.v. Italian w/English subtitles

Winding through woodlands and hills, a white road brings us to an isolated place – a place that might be an alchemical laboratory. Here, in the comfort of suspended time, favoured by the silence and lightness of unspoiled nature, theatre is made in the summer. Luca Ronconi, maestro of the contemporary stage, has chosen Umbria for the creation of a space for young actors and actresses, where the most liberal short-circuits of theatre can be put into effect, freed from all conditioning and the pressure of productive deadlines. At Santacristina, in an old renovated barn where the times of the day and the night are marked by the sounding of a gong, we discover the maestro in the guise of the old man/young boy, delving into the parts and the voices as he seeks out the secret folds of the characters in a fascinating sounding-out of the scripts. With his white beard and penetrating gaze Ronconi is both wizard and maieute, and reveals himself as never before as he narrates his life and theatre in a state of grace that places him in the realm of the fairy-tale.




Ubulibri and Rai Cinema in association with Okta Film
in collaboration with Santacristina Centro Teatrale and the Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica “Silvio d’Amico”
Italian Distribution Cinecittà Luce

32° Torino Film Festival 2014 (Italy)
44th International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015 (Netherlands)
Filmmaker Festival 2014 (Italy)

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