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In meteorology, the Okta is a unit of measurement used to indicate the level of cloudiness of the sky, estimated in terms of how many eighths of the firmament are obscured by clouds: from clear, 0 oktas, to completely overcast, 8 oktas.

Okta Film, the young, enterprising film production company founded by Paolo Benzi, sets out to be an indicator and a revealer of visibility, a “mariner’s warning” of our restless, fast-changing times.
Firmly biased towards the kind of filmmaking that is in love with reality, Okta Film proposes auteur-driven documentaries in which the activities of looking and listening intersect with the search for narrative forms that are new, skilful, experimental and enjoyable.
With a strongly international political outlook and intellectual perspective, Okta Film believes in filmmaking which creates connections and reverberations, which works on analogies and on memory, and which stimulates the imagination.
Only those able to listen to a work by Caravaggio or Goya, move through a Dostoyevsky novel or the poems of Wislawa Symborska, read Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony or the silences of Cage, get lost in the long fields of a metropolis or, equally, among the trees in a forest, only those people are equipped to narrate the complex subject material of the present day. With this in mind, Okta Film chooses creative indiscipline, blends of genres, friction and the conflict of languages.
Okta Film, which believes in things that last, opts for three, temporary watchwords: urgency, concentration, persistence.

Producer Paolo Benzi